Mixing Tank


Vessel especially designed for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams, liquids and lotions.

  • Equipped with a triple mixing system, which operates with different drive systems, making it possible to alter the speed of each agitator independently, according to the processes being performed.
  • Counter-rotating anchor stirrer installed in the bottom.
  • Slow anchor stirrer with PTFE scrapers that provide optimal homogenization of the product and facilitate heat transfer.
  • Center blades that rotate in the opposite direction of the anchor stirrer.
  • Top agitator installed on the lid:
  • Fast homogenizer-disperser for the production of emulsions, also with dispersion and shear capacity
  • Operates under vacuum conditions, which enables product loading and prevents air from entering the vessel during the production process.
  • Heat or cool the product using steam (hot water) or chilled water that circulates though the double jacket.
  • Volume: 300, 600, 1200 liters.
  • Other volumes available upon request.
  • The vessel is CIP (clean-in-place) system-ready (optional SIP).