Paneling, Enclosures, Flooring

With our modular paneling system, you can create personalized rooms according to your needs, and in compliance with current local and international regulations. We propose specific and validable solutions for all cleanroom area classifications built with materials that comply with ISO 14644 guidelines.

Additional benefits

Modular paneling significantly reduces investment costs in civil engineering and allows for plant layout. Modifications and reuse of materials without production downtime, for example when entering large equipment in the future. Panels are self-supported and capable of withstanding walkable ceilings.

Additionally, the paneling provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, which helps to maintain temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure conditions and minimize air leakage. The panels possess high mechanical and chemical resistance and are available with a variety of panel faces, such as oven-painted galvanized steel, phenolic resin, polymer-coated (PET) steel or stainless steel. All finishes comply with cGMP regulations: they do not emit particles, prevent dirt accumulation, and are easy to clean.

Moreover, we provide different floor treatments, like epoxy paints, vinyl flooring, etc. available in a wide color-range.

Cleanroom enclosure includes:

  • Panel
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Integrated lighting
  • Floors
  • Walkable ceilings
  • Specific accessories for every type of facility
  • All elements are available in a wide color-range
  • Special paneling structures for exteriors.