Leak of products detection from Japan

Has your business ever had risk at products leak? Especially for liquid products, without timely detection

  • Reduce quality products, broken, can not trade and must recall in the market
  • Affects shipping and storing process of products
  • May affect round products quality
  • May affect the surrounding products quality
  • May affect consumer health
  • May affect company reputation

TTP Tien Tuan introduces our solution to prevent above problem. With “Inspection machine” can detect micro hole leak that’s can not visual detect in the packaging process. The machine can detect leaks in all different position and shape of product: pouch, box, vial plastic,… this is modern technology from Japan, and unique technology on the world can detect leaks with low voltage, very safe and economic. Completely do not affect on the surface of product.


The machine is widely used in many different industries:

  • Pharmaceutical: bag blood, Bag IV, liquid injection,…
  • Food: liquid packaged food such as milk, sauces, spices, tofu, kimchi, fresh noodle, etc.
  • Consume: shampoo, gel shower, toothpaste pack,…

Capacity up to 60 pack/ min for volume 500ml

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